Why do Interrupted, Resilience and Sun make a “Triptych”?

3 EP’s titled „Triptych (I-III)“:
How ever different these songs are, they are connected by an emotional brace: how you deal with a horrible situation. And your eventual triumph over it. This is exactly what „Triptych (I-III)“ is about.
This „Triptych“ of The Snoopy Lads comprehends 3 songs on that topic. 3 quite different songs, as a result of collaborations with a choice of quite different, very exciting artists.

„Interrupted (Triptych I)“ (Release November 1st 2009)
„Interrupted“ marks the opening – „Triptych I“. You live your more or less pleasant life – suddenly something leaves you speechless, paralyzed, numb. What the hell is it, I really can’t do with THAT!?!
Young japanese video artist Yukihiro Taguchi (currently stirring up the international arts scene with his stop-motion artwork), created a music video with and for The Snoopy Lads that is unique in the making: the costs of production were reasonably low while the effort was incredibly high!
The lion’s share of the video was produced in stop motion technique, which means there had to be 8 photos taken for each single second of the film! The choreographic part was coined by dancers from the internationally renowned Sasha Waltz Dance Company Berlin, first in line Mikel Aristegui!
From all this a music video emerged that surprises and irritates you, as well as it entertains or touches you. Just like the song itself: “Interrupted”.
Remixes are provided by Furiku (London), Tareq (Athens) and Marc Lime & K Bastian (Berlin). Latter have already successfully produced remixes for “Cascada”, “Guru Josh Project” and “D.O.N.S.”.

„Resilience (Triptych II)“ feat. Maite Itoiz (Release December 1st 2009)
The second part of the trilogy is named „Resilience“ – this unfathomable capacity of some individuals to smoothly cope with the most horrible situations. A supernatural strength, as it seems.
What or actually who makes this track so outstanding is Hendryk’s duet partner Maite Itoiz, one of Spain’s most dazzling sopranos. Last year the Lads did a composition in request of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao: a “The-Snoopy-Lads-version” of a baroque aria by Henry Purcell. This is how the Lads caught Maite’s attention. Subsequently she proposed a mutual project.
The result is an inversion of the Guggenheim idea – Maite’s clear voice and her amazing vocal arrangement add a fascinating baroque touch to the modern Snoopy Lads song. It melds naturally with the electro sound and perfectly matches Hendryk’s pop voice. Maite Itoiz is partner of John Kelly, in life and on stage.

„Sun (Triptych III)“ (Release April 9th 2010)
„Sun“ closes the trilogy as it covers the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel”. Whilst „Resilience“ is about comfort, inner strength and hope, this song deals with the knowledge that everything will be fine again. In spite of all darkness, backlashes and doubts. One day the sun once more will transilluminate all, it will warm and embrace you.
Originally planned a pure dance remix project, the Snoopy Lads were offered a chance they couldn’t reject: Craig Urqhuart volonteered to arrange and record an only-voice-and-piano version of the song on Bernstein’s Bösendorfer grand. Until the Maestro’s demise, Craig was Mr. Bernstein’s musical assistant. Today he is Director of the Leonard Bernstein Office in New York and a marvelous composer and pianist himself. A tagently delicate and fragile version of the virtually powerful track is the fruit!
The Lads have quite some brilliant and notable remixers in the pipeline for „Sun“: the Original Clubtrack is by The Snoopy Lads vs. Lime & Bastian, additional remixes are provided by A.C.K., Voltaxx and A.C.K & Simon Point! Enjoy…