How it all started…

*The Snoopy Lads* – that’s us! Hendryk Ekdahl & Basty von Noeten. Berlin.
The first time we ever met was at „Hafen“, the legendary bar in the heart of Berlin.
Over a couple of beers we discovered that, even though the both of us were trained classical musicians, our taste for music had changed over the years:
modern, beat driven and edgy. THIS is what it’s gotta be now!

Basty had studied percussion at the “Universität der Künste Berlin” where he also discovered his talent for producing pop-music. He searched for a vocalist and that autumn night he eventually found: Hendryk. Hendryk had finished his scholastics in singing and had already performed in several big shows in Hamburg, London, Berlin, etc. …
Both met their new challenge with Basty’s talent for composing and Hendryk’s aptitude for singing. Basty’s compositions are melancholic but so beat driven that you can dance your butts off! This style characterizes us both: two fun-loving lads chased by a silky layer of melancholia.

This bipolar blend is in every respect typical of the songs we make. Electronic beats plus classical strings. Lyrics ranging from lovelife to global politics. Grave texts combined with scintillating arrangements. Or vice versa.
It’s like Berlin itself: this metropolis (- one minute “capital city”, the next minute “creative underground” –) is our intellectual and emotional feeding trough.

If you asked what our influences were, the list became endless. Our taste of music is utterly versatile, and so we are inspired by miscellaneous artists, who may not even be musicians but painters or filmmakers. “Electrophonic” is what we call our style, since it consists of multiple elements which can be anything from 80ies wave, chanson, electro or a symphonic orchestra.

All our recordings we create in our little recording studio in a “Berlin Mitte” basement.
As a joint venture, Basty commits himself to composing, while the creation of lyrics is shared between the two of us. And last but not least Hendryk lends his warm and versatile voice to complement the duo. We work hand in hand creating our new songs – one could almost say that Basty was “the brain” and Hendryk “the heart”
of *The Snoopy Lads*. But only ALMOST – didn’t we just mention “bipolarity”…?