A new band is born: MOLLYHAUS!
As you may already have heard we The Snoopy Lads and fabulous Little Neve White with her team Silkskin Music have teamed up for THE MOST EXCITING new electropop project of these days: Mollyhaus!! Our mutual band hasn’t yet existed very much longer than 2 months, and at light speed we have nearly finished our complete Debut Album!

Mollyhaus Triptych

So in the very near future we will reach out our arms for a record deal. Which means that we need as much support from FRIENDS & FANS as possible. Don’t worry – we’re NOT asking for money…
All YOU need to do is press the “i like” button on our Facebook site! That would enormously help us… And spread the word between all your beautiful friends!

To get an idea of what we’re up to feel free to visit www.facebook.com/Mollyhaus

Alternatively check our Official Site MollyhausMusic !

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