Hey music lover!
Welcome to our new *tadaaa* website! After MySpace had given us a wicked kick start into the fabulous world of music, it is now time for us to explore new paths and leave that meanwhile senile lover behind… So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Please feel free to snoop around in the wide fields of Snoopyland, enjoy loads of pics, vids and, well, MUSIC! And then there are those really cute cute little buttons with “iTunes” written on them.
We just LOVE ‘em!!

We lads have a great range of new exciting projects in the pipeline and we will update you as soon as details are wrapped up. You’ll hear from us very VERY soon…

*The Snoopy Lads* – Hendryk & Basty

July 7-9, 2011: LIVE ON STAGE with Little Neve White
Video Release of “Greedy Eyes” by Eastman with NEVE + live performance of our brand new collaborations with Little Neve White at the following dates and venues:

July 7: “Chantal’s House of Shame”, Bassy Club, Berlin
July 8: “Partysane”, Schwuz Club, Berlin
July 9: “Propaganda”, Goya Club, Berlin

July 1, 2011: Release of “Greedy Eyes” by Eastman with NEVE
We are proud to announce that our Remix of “Greedy Eyes”, an amazing club anthem by Drew Eastman in collaboration with Little Neve White will hit the shops July 1 2011! Watch a first teaser HERE:

Its cool tho cuz not only are you guys super foxy,
your music is the shit! Love your pics.
Both of you are stellar!”
(Mikey on ‘MySpace’)

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